Founded in 2009 by Emmy Award winning producer, Stephanie Feder-Teitelbaum, Feder Productions is a NY-based creative content studio and video production company.  We have worked with a diverse mix of networks, production companies and brands to help our clients deliver vivid and compelling stories to their target audiences.   We develop, produce, shoot and edit television pilots and series, branded content, corporate videos, short films, web videos and other digital content.  


Feder Productions prides itself in our unique ability to understand the needs and requirements of our varied clientele and to deliver tailored and exceptional content at any budget level.   We function across all aspects of the production process and work with our clients from the concept stage through to the final product.  We provide, as needed, concept development, scripting, casting, location scouting, storyboards, gear rental, logistics, filming, editing and other post-production services.  


Partner with the Feder Productions team and

we'll deliver content and videos that resonate with

your viewers – no matter the genre, scale, or platform.



Stephanie’s love for telling compelling stories and

creating unique and captivating moments through video has taken her across the United States and around the globe. Through her broad experience producing content for diverse audiences, she's developed a unique and extraordinary ability to tell stories that authentically and directly resonate with her client’s target audience. 


She's brought unique geographies vividly to life for Travel Channel viewers in far-flung destinations such as Krabi, Macau and the Gili Islands (to name just a few).  She's tantalized Food Network viewers with in-depth features on trending culinary delights,  Michelin-starred restaurants and Iron Chefs.  And she's captured compelling stories for entrepreneurs and companies to connect with their customers, humanize their brand and promote their products.


Stephanie is able to see the power in moments and images, and more importantly, how those moments and images can effectively be delivered to

viewers through video.

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Phone: 917.575.0621


Address: 135 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022